Managerial approaches to the achieving the green deals goals in the Czech Republic – bibliometric analysis


  • Ing. Radka Šperková, Ph.D. AMBIS University
  • Ing. Renata Skýpalová, Ph.D. AMBIS University
  • doc. Ing. Milan Jan Půček, MBA, Ph.D. AMBIS University



European Green Deal, Czech Republic, bibliometric analysis, responsible management, energy, transport


The European Union, together with the whole world, is currently facing a major problem related to environmental damage and the related devastation of the planet. Although at first glance it might seem that this is just an environmental problem, its consequences also affect other areas, including the economic area. Within this study, the scientific discourse on the issue of the Green Deal in the field of energy and transport was assessed based on the analysis of bibliometric data with a focus on the Czech Republic. As part of the bibliometric analysis, it was found that the majority of publication outputs deal with the areas of environmental sciences, agriculture and energy. However, it is interesting to note that the issue of the Green Deal in the Czech Republic is also being monitored in other countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, which proves its international character.


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